Women Also Spend Time In The Casino

The participation of women in the online casino has increased in an evident way. Recent studies and opinion polls have shown that women are close to equaling men in the number of platform users.

These data are interesting because they contrast a bit with those that are handled on traditional casinos, where the percentage of women is quite low compared to that of male users.

Perhaps one of the reasons why women prefer this method is because of the comfort and security of the digital environment. Attending a traditional casino involves mobilization costs and investment of time that is not always pleasant, quite the opposite of what happens with an online casino.

There are thousands of new users at online casinos for privacy. It is very easy to register, make the first deposit and start betting without even having to leave home, being able to do it in spare time, while going by public transport or on any occasion of the day when you have a little free time.

What The Data Shows

The casino industry has grown to epic magnitudes, becoming an industry that handles figures of one billion euros per month. Needless to say, of the rest of the bet casino malaysia operators that make life in the world.

The (DGOJ) Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling is the entity in charge of regulating all those activities that are related to the casino industry within Spanish territory. The figures they offer together with the data shown by the firm PwC on gambling in Spain, indicate that there are 29% of women, compared to 71% of men, which speaks of a wide gap, but with a tendency to gradually close .

With regard to the proportion of each gender, there are strong differences, but the figures are not so dramatic when it comes to the type of game that each one prefers:

  • Slot machines are 41% preferred by women, against 59% by men.
  • With regard to sports bets, only 29% of women participate in them while 71% of men are regulars of this type of bets.
  • In roulettes and that kind of game, women by 40%, compared to 60% of men.
  • The most popular activity for women in the casino is bingo, with a preference of 47%.
  • Surely you have been a bit surprised by the high proportion of users within online casinos.

The first point is about a part of the emancipation process of the female sex. Casinos are spaces that for decades were in the hands of the male sex, but today it is another space that has been conquered by women.

Women in online casinos can participate with complete freedom and access the same content as men, and stand out with their own skills, becoming exactly as skilled as they.

The Casino Within Popular Culture

A myth about casinos has developed with popular culture. The fact is, a casino is always associated with glamor and splurge. Many Hollywood movies have been responsible for the arcades becoming a symbol of popular culture.

The ostentation is the most impact it has had within the sports imaginary of millions of people. Casinos began to integrate into Spanish society progressively, as have other forms of Gambling and casino halls were an activity that was dedicated solely to the nobility in its origins. It was the nobles who enjoyed roulettes and card games in their retreats to country houses.

In modern times, arcades began to be installed in historical buildings and became part of important tourist complexes, before migrating to the digital environment where their popularity ended up consolidating within popular culture.

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